The Northwestern China Care Club works with One Sky Foundation (formerly Half the Sky) to raise funds for orphaned children all across China. Additionally, every year our club sponsors a Chinese orphan to fund his or her life necessities. This rewarding experience is one we hope to share with the rest of the Northwestern community.

The remainder of our money goes toward improving the quality of our playgroups and other events. Fundraising is a top priority, because it provides us with the means to offer better services to our families and the greater Chicago community. 

Our fundraising committee is always brainstorming fun and creative methods to raise funds, but we are always open to help and suggestions from anyone interested in what we do. If you have any resources or contacts to offer, please email us at, or contact one of our exec members. Additionally, we kindly accept donations (more information below). 

Here are some examples of some of our different fundraisers: 

Concessions at Homecoming

During Northwestern's 2015 Homecoming football game, our entire club worked a concessions booth in order to raise money for our organization. We bonded as we ran around making popcorn, preparing nachos and filling up soft drinks for nearly the entire day.

China Care McDonald's Sales

Near the end of each academic quarter, China Care sells tasty items from McDonald's in one of the Northwestern libraries to diligent but hungry Northwestern students studying for their finals.

China Care's Benefit Dinner 2015

In 2015, we were lucky enough to collaborate with the University of Chicago's China Care to put on our first-ever joint benefit dinner! Our two fabulous clubs got together and reserved a portion of the restaurant Lao Beijing in Chinatown, where we dined with families and showed our appreciation for everything they have done for us. Additionally, we put on some fun performances to celebrate a wonderful year of China Care!