Hi everyone! Welcome to Northwestern China Care’s new website!  

For those who are new to or curious about our organization, we are a student-run philanthropy group on campus and a recognized China Care Club under the One Sky Foundation. Our mission is to sponsor surgeries and medical treatments for orphans in China and also to foster a stronger community with adopted children and China Care families within the Chicago area.

To accomplish our mission, we hold fundraising events, as well as cultural playgroup events on campus. We also offer our mentorship program in which Northwestern students pair up with China Care adoptees for fun activities (for more info, look below!). For more information about what we do, feel free to check out our about page and like our Facebook page to get updates on all of our events!


WELCOME OR WELCOME BACK! We are so excited to start the 2017-2018 school year with new playgroups, mentorship events, and other fun bonding events! 

Our first playgroup this quarter is Saturday September 30 from 11AM-1PM location TBD! The theme will be Chinese Characters! We will be playing fun jeopardy games and other activities! 

Additionally, here are a list of all our events this quarter! 

Our second playgroup will be on Saturday October 28 from 11AM-1PM.

Our mentorship event will be on Saturday November 18 from 11AM-PM .

We hope to see you all at our events! 


The brother/sister mentorship program is NU China Care's is meant to foster community and build relationships with China Care families and their adopted families! If interested, your child will be matched with a big (Northwestern student) brother or sister in the club who has similar interests and hobbies. They’ll meet up around once a month and do whatever the mentor-mentee pair decide will be fun, whether it's getting ice cream, watching movies, playing sports or more! We'll also have some larger mentorship events on campus where mentors and mentees can hang out together in pairs and as a larger group. 

This is a wonderful opportunity to give Chinese-American adoptees an Asian friend and role model and to foster a more individualized relationship with China Care members. If you are interested in the mentorship program, please feel free to email us at nuchinacare@gmail.com!


In case you're new to Chine Care, here are some examples of our past events!

Saturday, January 28th, 2017 - Quarterly Mentorship Program

At this spring quarter's mentorship program, mentees and mentors met up to run some exciting science experiments from soap boats to mysterious bubbling solutions!


Saturday,  October 3rd, 2015 - Playgroup: Regions and Ethnic Groups!

For our first playgroup of the year, we learned about different regions of China and the people that live there. We made headdresses and drums out of construction paper, and ate a lot of delicious food! Here are the pictures we’ve uploaded to Facebook after the event: 

Each child also received and decorated their own Character Book for the year, where they will be practicing and recording the Chinese characters taught at playgroup events!

Here are the characters for this playgroup:

东南西北 dong nan xi bei - the cardinal directions: east, south, west, north

中国 zhong guo - China

人 ren - person

Saturday, October 17th, 2015 - Fundraising: Concessions!

That day, China Care members braved the cold and sold concessions at Northwestern’s homecoming game against Iowa. Despite not winning the game, we still had a great time fundraising for the club and bonding. Tip, tip, hooray!

Go 'Cats!!