OUR Exec Board 2019-2020 


Michelle Ji

Michelle is one of the co-presidents of China Care. She is a junior studying psychology at Northwestern. She enjoys spending time and participating in fun activities with children. She joined China Care to help local adoptees learn more about their heritage and hopes that they will form great relationships with each other and their mentors.


Emily Suen

Emily is one of China Care's Co-Presidents. She is a third-year studying neuroscience and global health. After having lived abroad in China, she joined China Care to help local adoptees learn more about their Chinese heritage and develop lasting friendships with the mentees!


July Chen

July is the treasurer of China Care. He is a sophomore studying chemistry at Northwestern University. Having immigrated from China at a young age, he understands the importance of being in touch with one’s cultural identity and joined China Care to help local adoptees do so in a fun and engaging way.



Christine Ngô

Christine is China Care’s secretary. She is a sophomore studying Neuroscience and Psychology. When she worked for a Chicago Public School program, her conversations with students often centered around culture. She joined China Care in hopes to learn more about culture through her interactions with children.



Cindy Liang
Mentorship Chair

Cindy is China Care’s mentorship chair. She is a junior studying psychology and communication studies. After watching the documentary “aka Dan,” she became interested in the dissonance between growing up with American culture while being an Asian American. From this, she became passionate in helping adoptees in the Evanston area learn more about their Chinese culture.


Danyi Wang
Playgroup Chair

Danyi is China Care’s playgroup chair and a sophomore studying integrated science, classics, and neuroscience at Northwestern. From tutoring elementary students to volunteering as an art teacher to mentoring her two younger siblings, Danyi actively dedicates herself to enrich the lives of children around her. She joined China Care to continue her passion in befriending young adults—more specifically Chinese adoptees in the Chicago/Evanston area—and helping them grow in their understanding of their incredible Chinese heritage.


Michelle Jiang
Fundraising Chair

Michelle is China Care’s fundraising chair. She is a junior studying biology and psychology. At Northwestern, she joined China Care because she worked with children in high school and really enjoyed the relationships she built with them. She hopes to share her Chinese culture with the children of China Care through spending time with them and forming these same relationships.


Simon Su
Publicity CHair

Simon is China Care’s publicity chair. He is a junior studying social policy at Northwestern. Having lived in Shanghai, before moving here in middle school, he knows well the struggle to balance the Chinese and American culture. He joined China Care to befriend and mentor local Chinese adoptees, and he’s excited to develop lasting relationships through China Care.


Kelvin chang
tech chair

Kelvin is China Care’s tech chair. He is a senior pursuing neuroscience and the Segal Design Certificate. Having roots in the Tzu Chi Foundation of Cleveland, Kelvin wanted to continue building community and interacting regularly with children and young adults through a balanced mix of work and play.

JUNIOR Exec Members

Ethan Chow

Alisa Gao

Mulan Hua

Miya Jia

Tiffany Lau

Maggie Luo

Jun Li

Emma Novak

Monica Oleski

Joanna Qin

Nana Sheehan

David Zane

Amy Zhang

Kevin Zhang