OUR Exec Board 2018-2019 


Joanna Qin

Joanna is one of the two co-presidents of China Care. She is a junior studying neuroscience at Northwestern University. She loves spending time with children and joined China Care because she wants to support the adoptees of Chicago and help strengthen their cultural identity.


Mulan Hua

Mulan is one of the co-presidents of China Care. She is a sophomore pursuing a degree in Neuroscience at Northwestern. She also plans to minor in Psychology and Spanish. She enjoys spending time with children, and China Care allows her to do so while helping the children of China Care embrace their culture and reconnect with their roots.



Emily is China Care's treasurer. She is a freshman studying Neuroscience and Science in Human Culture. After having lived abroad in China, she joined China Care to help local adoptees learn more about their Chinese heritage and develop lasting friendships with the mentees!




Kelvin is the secretary of China Care and a junior studying neuroscience and minoring in design. At home, he often volunteers at programs that offer opportunities for learning Chinese culture and language to children and young adults. Kelvin joined China Care to continue the practice and help local children strengthen their native bonds in a fun and educational environment.



Vivien LIU
Mentorship Chair

Vivien is China Care’s mentorship chair. She is a freshman studying Economics, Political Science, and International Studies. After traveling to Suzhou to teach students English, she joined China Care to help local adoptees learn more about their heritage and language while having fun!


Michelle JI
Playgroup Chair

Michelle is China Care’s playgroup chair and a freshman studying biology at Northwestern. She enjoys spending time and participating in fun activities with children. She joined China Care to share her Chinese culture with the local adoptees, and hopes that they will form great relationships with each other and their mentors.


Cindy Liang
Fundraising Chair

Cindy is China Care’s fundraising chair. She is a freshman studying Psychology and Learning and Organizational Change. After watching the documentary “aka Dan,” she became interested in the dissonance between growing up with American culture while being an Asian American. From this she became passionate in helping adoptees in the Evanston area learn more about their Chinese culture.


Melissa Yuen
Publicity CHair

Melissa is the publicity chair of China Care. She is a freshman studying Communication Studies and Disorders with special interests in audiology. In high school, she enjoyed working with younger children through volunteering opportunities. She joined China Care to become a mentor and friend to the local Chinese adoptees.

JUNIOR Exec Members

kevin zhang, Veronica Gong, Elaine jiang, Miya jia, JunHAO LI, ANdrea lin, harry deng, victoria vizzini, rui du, Emily Wang, Nana Sheehan, Zhesi Zhuang