Every month during the school year, NU China Care holds a free playgroup for children adopted from China by American families. These consist of a variety of activities and educational lessons based on different aspects of Chinese culture, ranging from ancient Chinese history to modern Chinese foods. In these playgroups, we hope to help our kids cultivate a better sense of their own personal identity and have the opportunity to meet and befriend other children from similar backgrounds. In addition, our playgroups offer families the ability to network with one another in order to form bonds that will potentially last a lifetime. With the support and dedication of our student organization members, we hope to create experiences that children, their families and our Northwestern students members will treasure!

The dates and locations of our playgroups are typically announced at the beginning of each academic quarter of Northwestern and usually take place on Saturdays from 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. To learn more about our playgroups, get placed on our mailing list or find out how you can help, suscribe to our newsletter on our homepage, email us at or contact a member or our exec board!

To find out when and where our upcoming playgroups will be, make sure to check out the upcoming events below or get put onto our mailing list! Just email

Here are some examples of some of the playgroups we've put on in the past:

May 13, 2017: Chinese Ceramics

At our last playgroup of the 2016-2017 school year we played with clay and learned about ancient, valuable Chinese pottery! After looking at historical pieces of pottery, we passed out clay to the children and helped them design and construct their own vases. It was a fun, interactive activity and a good way for us to end our year. We can't wait for next year! See you in the fall! 

April 08, 2017: Chinese Family Trees

Today during our playgroup we learned about family trees and all the different ways to say the Chinese names for family members. After this activity we had a brief snack before creating our own family trees! Thanks to the parents, we were able to attach pictures of the kids' family members onto their posters. It was great learning about all the different branches of family and learning about the kids' families as well!  

February 20, 2016: Mythical Creatures and Calligraphy

This playgroup was our Chinese New Year special! We first learned all about the origins of different Chinese mythical creatures such as dragons and Phoenixes. Afterwards, we got to practice our calligraphy and learned a few important Chinese characters along the way. Towards the end of our playgroup, we put on a skit featuring Nian, a monster being chased out of town by the villagers, which explains the origins of popular Chinese New Year traditions. We all had a lot of fun putting it on!

January 30, 2016: Making Dumplings

For this playgroup, we made (and ate) scrumptious pork and vegetable dumplings with the kids! We also played a variety of different games and learned all about the importance of making food together as a family. Additionally, we were lucky enough to get the chance to collaborate with Northwestern's Chinese Student Association and had many of their members come help out. 

November 21, 2015: Chinese Inventions

At this event, we earned all about the four inventions of Ancient China: the compass, gunpowder, paper and the printing press. We spent some time learning about each invention before recreating them on our own. Some examples included making paper out of recycled newspaper (the old fashioned way!), and making Chinese compasses. We discovered that some of the kids have quite the inventive side to them! We had a lot of fun taking a look into the roots of many of these popular inventions and gained a new-found respect for China's discoveries!

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